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Herefordshire General Practice Locum Pool

Primary Care Access to Locum GPs 

Taurus Healthcare, on behalf of Herefordshire General Practice, has created the first of three General Practice workforce pools. Phase One will facilitate access to a pool of Locum GPs. 

NHS England 

This is a part of an NHS England initiative to develop models that facilitate engagement between PCNS and GPs who want to work flexibly. The service will enable vacancies to be fulfilled using easy-to-follow mechanisms. The Pool will provide a long term sustainable infrastructure that offers benefits to both the PCNs and General Practitioners. 

Locum Pool Benefits for the Locum and Practice 

  • Flexible working to pick up a range of work across 24/7 General Practice.
  • Single recruitment process carried out by Taurus Healthcare on behalf of our PCN partners which includes on-going compliancy and HR functions.
  • Swift session request process managed by a dedicated Pool Coordinator.
  • Locum Peer Group Support  and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) via the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Training Hub to support individual CPD requirements, including mentorship, action learning sets and peer support managed by a Locum Champion.
  • Local information pack to support GPs to become effective clinicians in the Herefordshire system.
  • Locum 1-2-1 financial relationship between the practice and Locumretaining the ability to negotiate  pay rates. 
  • Retain Locum independence but take advantage of the training, CPD and Herefordshire ‘HR Passport’.

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Phase  (April/May)  Flexible Salaried GP Pool 

This will allow access to a bank of salaried GPs via a Medical Services Contract, with all the above benefits and those for a salaried position. This is supplied as a service matched to your requirements where the financial relationship is between the practice and GP Federation. 

Phase 3 – Nurses and Non-Clinical Roles 

This phase will build additional pools. For example, for access to nurses and non-clinical/administrative roles.