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Herefordshires Approach

Taurus Healthcare is a Federation comprised of all 20 GP practices in Herefordshire.

If you are registered with a GP practice in the county, you can be sure that it is a member of Taurus Healthcare.

We support GP practices to be safer, more effective, efficient and resilient. We do this by offering a range of services to GP surgeries, for example back office functions such as Recruitment, Human Resources and Finance, all the way through to stepping in, on request, to run a GP surgery. The exact nature of the services we provide will be dependent on the needs and requirements of the surgery.

We also support GP practices by delivering a number of clinical services on their behalf. For example, the 7 day GP and GP Out of Hours Services are both operated by Taurus Healthcare as is a new Social Prescribing service.

A final important role of Taurus Healthcare is to represent all 20 GP practices and to act as a ‘single voice’ in discussions about current and future healthcare provision. For example, at meetings of the Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, local NHS trusts or other strategic bodies such as Herefordshire and Worcestershire GP Practice Provider Board.

Ultimately our aim is to help patients have more control over their own wellbeing and healthcare, promote the prevention of illness, and to improve access to general practice so that your GP service is consistent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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