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Herefordshire GP Out of Hours Service

What is the Herefordshire GP Out of Hours Service?

The Herefordshire GP Out of Hours Service run by Taurus Healthcare provides urgent medical advice and treatment to residents and visitors in Herefordshire when the GP surgeries are closed.

The Out of Hours Service forms part of a range of urgent care services across Herefordshire and operates alongside services such as NHS 111 and the 7 Day GP Service.

How do I access the Herefordshire GP Out of Hours Service?

Residents of Herefordshire access the service by dialing 111. Calls are triaged by experienced call handlers using a national system that has been developed by senior medical consultants. Where appropriate, patients are transferred from NHS 111 to the Out of Hours Service.

The person receiving your call will make sure that you get the right help quickly:

  • The call handler will ask for your name and a description of the healthcare problem that you have.
  • If necessary, a clinician will phone you back to discuss the problem.
  • You may be given advice over the telephone.
  • If there is a clinical need for you to be seen and you are well enough to travel then you may be given an appointment time to attend a local Primary Care Centre.
  • If you are too unwell to travel or unable to leave your home, then a healthcare professional may be asked to visit your home. This may be a GP or nurse practitioner.

If the call handler decides that your call is an emergency, then you will be transferred immediately to 999.

Please do not use this service for prescriptions, test results or routine enquiries – the service should only be called for urgent out of hours medical matters only.

When is the Herefordshire GP Out of Hours Service Available?

The Herefordshire Out of Hours Service is available when GP surgeries are closed. The Service operates:

  • Monday to Friday – from 6.30pm to 8am
  • Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays – available 24-hours.

When are the Primary Care Centres (PCC) Open?

Primary Care Centres (PCC) provide a place for a clinician to see a patient for an urgent consultation by appointment only during the out of hours period.

Access to the Primary Care Centres is by appointment only. The PCCs do not operate a walk-in service. The services are located across the county:

  • Hereford PCC – based at Hereford Hospital
  • Ross PCC – based at Ross Community Hospital
  • Leominster PCC – based at Leominster Community Hospital
  • Kington PCC – based at Kington Court

We continue to work closely with healthcare partners to ensure that the service continues to support access to timely and appropriate care in the right setting.